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Strategies for Addition and Subtraction

“Let’s go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday.” -Steve Jobs Sometimes we hear from parents and some teachers that they would love us to go back to teaching math the way they learned it. They say they can’t … Continue reading

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Place Value Computation Strategies

Can you do Division?  Divide a loaf by a knife – what’s the answer to that?  ~Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass Once students are fluent in place value they are ready to start using those concepts in computation. The Utah Core … Continue reading

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Place Value, or Thank You Hindus and Arabs, or The Beauty of the Base-Ten Numeration System

I have been doing a lot of thinking about place value lately. Yes, I need a life outside my standard state-issue gray cubicle. Nonetheless, I have become caught up in the beauty of the Hindu-Arabic number system. We also know … Continue reading

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Fraction Sense

“I have this terrible fear of fractions,” Christina told him. … Also a fear of running out of popcorn. Nothing could be worse than going to a movie and they don’t have any popcorn, you know?”― Caroline B. Cooney, Fog Why all … Continue reading

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