STEM LogoGreetings! I am David a. Smith, the author and proprietor of this blog. I am the Elementary Mathematics Specialist at the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) and a member of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Team.  I have been in the education business for over 36 years and have taught on the elementary and junior high levels. I spent 20 years as an elementary principal. I was the Assessment Development Coordinator for the USOE for two years and have been in my current position since August 2009.

This blog on elementary mathematics is for Utah educators, parents, and anyone else who happens upon it.  Everything published here will be about mathematics, with no mentions of politics or controversy. My purpose is to assist Utah educators with understanding and implementing the Utah Core State Standards. Look for resources, conceptual frameworks, ideas for carrying out a balanced program in mathematics that includes conceptual and procedural understanding, procedural fluency, and applications of mathematics.

Comments are welcome. Discussion is welcome. Invective and mean-spirited comments are not. I will respond to comments as I am able.


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