USOE Professional Learning Series

PLS+GraphicMany of you will (may?) remember that, at the end of the Utah Standards Academy last year we said the Core/Standards Academies were all over, done, never to appear again. While that is true, at least in terms of the four day experience in different locations around the state, we at the USOE have been hard at work designing what is a unique professional learning system for Utah.  Here is what it says on the Professional Learning Series page on our website:

“For 2015, we are transitioning to an online interface via Utah Education Network (UEN) for opportunities for teachers to engage in professional learning.  Interactive webinars, self-guided modules, and teacher-facilitated courses will be made available starting in May 2015. The 2015 Professional Learning Series will provide high quality instruction in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, World Languages, and Fine Arts throughout the year to complement and support the integration of the Utah Core Standards and to ensure that all Utah students are college and career ready.  Utah State Office of Education (USOE) and/or Southern Utah University (SUU) credit will be available for all formats.

The webinars, courses, and modules could be done independently, in professional learning communities, in district professional development sessions, and other professional learning settings.  The possibilities are endless.”

All the courses available for the summer semester are listed in a course catalog you can download here: .

Let me give you a heads-up about the elementary mathematics courses. They were developed by teachers who understand the Utah State Core Standards thoroughly, who are master teachers in their own right and are acknowledged as such in their districts or charter schools, and who have experience designing and conducting professional learning for elementary teachers. All of the courses are on-line. They are innovative in their design and are varied in their approach. Just to give you a flavor of what we are offering, here are the course titles:

Principles to Actions for teachers in grades K-12

Laying a Rigorous Foundation in K-1 Mathematics 

Extreme Math Makeover for 2nd Grade r

Laying the Groundwork for Fractions, Multiplication, and Division in 3rd Grade 

You Can Read, Write, and Speak Math (Grades 3-5) 

Using Technology to Teach in Math (Grades 3-5) 

Teaching Kids How to Think (Grades 3-5)

Bringing Math to Life Through Science (Grades 4-6) 

Understanding and Implementing the 5th Grade Mathematics Standards 

6th Grade Fractions: A Rational Approach 

What and How Do I Teach Math: Components of Math Lessons to Enhance Understanding (Grades K-6)

See the course catalog for more details and sign up for a course today!


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