Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics

A few weeks ago I attended the annual meeting of the Association of State Supervisors of Education (ASSM), followed by the annual conference of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM). These were amazing meetings and I learned a great deal. At the ASSM meeting, I, with my colleagues who lead mathematics in other states, heard from the likes of Steve Leinwand, Cathy Seeley, Phil Daro, Dan Meyer, Tim Kanold, Linda Gojak, Bill McCallum, Uri Treisman, and so on. These are some of the brightest minds in our field. I learned a great deal. I, with many of my colleagues, also tweeted a great deal. Tweeting is my way of taking notes at these meetings. I found an application called Storify ( that allows the user to insert tweets, videos, blog posts, and so on and put them into a story format. I decided to do that with the tweets from the ASSM meeting. If you would like a small sample of what was discussed and the powerful ideas that were presented at ASSM go here:

Dan Meyer also wrote about his presentation at ASSM in his blog. I’m sure he didn’t develop the whole idea just for us. However, his presentation called “The Future of Textbooks, If There Is a Future for Textbooks” was really thought provoking. Taking digital textbooks out of airplane mode was his main theme. If they don’t do anything a smartphone in airplane mode would do, if they don’t connect to anything else, then they are just a textbook.

More later.


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